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Dwight Schrute’s I State My Regret Quote

Michael: Hi, everyone. Corporate has given Dwight two strikes. They are very, very upset with him. So, as a disciplinary measure, he is going to have to issue a formal apology. Dwight, have you prepared your statement of regret?
Dwight: I have.
Michael: Let’s hear it.
Dwight: I state my regret.
Jim: You couldn’t have memorized that?
Dwight: I could not, because I do not feel it.

The Office Season 5 Episode 14: “Stress Relief”

This is one of our all time favorite episodes. Dwight was on a roll! He didn’t get one, but two trips to corporate in the space of a couple days.
In the case of the fire drill – we know he’s a man who took his responsibilities very seriously. After all, he was a Volunteer Sheriff’s Deputy for Lackawanna County. You can’t just sign up to do that. Okay – maybe you can, but you get the point.
But for the CPR training incident… Well, that was just Dwight being Dwight.

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