The Office Episode 'Special Project' - Dwight Schrute on being in perfectenschlag
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Dwight Schrute’s Perfectenschlag Quote

Dwight: The Schrutes have a word for when everything in a man’s life comes together perfectly – Perfectenschlag. Right now, I am in it. I finally get a chance to prove myself to corporate. I am assembling a competent team. I am likely a father. I am so deep inside of perfectenschlag right now.

And, just to be clear, there is a second definition, “perfect pork anus” which I don’t mean.

The Office Season 8 Episode 14: “Special Project”

You can’t have a conversation about The Office without mentioning Dwight Schrute (portrayed by Rainn Wilson). Everyone’s favorite Beet Farmer has so many funny shenanigans and quotes, we didn’t even know where to start! Kicking off a series of his most brilliant moments, we’ve gone back to when he was locked into a state of pure zen or as he prefers to call it – perfectenschlag!

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