Step Brothers: I Smoked Pot With Johnny Hopkins

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Brennan: Where did he go to medical school?
Nancy: He went to Northwestern and Johns Hopkins, is that good enough for you?
Brennan: No, it’s not.
Nancy: Well, Brennan, those are very prestigious schools.
Brennan: I smoked pot with Johnny Hopkins.
Nancy: You don’t know anyone named Johnny Hopkins.
Brennan: It was Johnny Hopkins and Sloan Kettering. And they were blazing that shit up every day.

Step Brothers

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Step Brothers is one of those rare comedies where, even though you’ve seen it multiple times, it never fails to make you laugh. While everybody has their own favorite quote(s) from the movie, this one ranks pretty highly up there for us.
Of course Brennan would be sitting in the back seat while his Mom drives. And, before he’s even met Robert he’s threatening to punch him in the face. There’s just something about how deadly serious Will Ferrell is able to play Brennan while simultaneously saying the most ridiculous things!

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