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7 Movies To Watch Next If You Liked Logan Lucky

Every now and then, Steven Soderbergh pops up and delivers another wildly entertaining movie. Logan Lucky definitely fits that bill. It’s clever, humorous and has everything else that’s required for a great heist movie.

If you’re on the hunt for more of the same, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Check out our handpicked list below for the 7 best movies like Logan Lucky.

1. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

Kicking off with our overall top recommendation, we’ve gone with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. Oh, if only we could watch this gem of a movie for the first time again! It isn’t strictly a heist movie, but there’s more than enough action to keep you satisfied. Filled with top banter and witty humor, it’s regarded as one of Robert Downey’s finest performances along with Val Kilmer. Don’t watch the trailer, don’t read the write up if you haven’t seen it before, just sit back and relax – you’re in for a great ride.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Movie Description

A unique set of circumstances bring a petty thief (Robert Downey Jr), a failed actress (Michelle Monaghan) and a private detective (Val Kilmer) together to solve a recent murder. Embroiled in a larger conspiracy, they must quickly follow the clues before it’s too late.

2. The Ocean’s Trilogy

Of course, if you’re in the mood specifically for a slick heist movie then you can’t go wrong with the Ocean’s Trilogy. We’re big fans of Ocean’s 11, Ocean’s 13 and Ocean’s 12 in that order, but hey that’s just us! Ocean’s and Logan Lucky both share the same director, Steven Soderbergh, so it’s no surprise why they feel quite similar throughout. You’ve likely seen them a handful of times already, but in our eyes, you can’t go wrong with these classics.

Ocean’s 11 Movie Description

Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is a smooth and sophisticated thief. Recently released from prison, he formulates a plan to commit the greatest casino heist of all time. Targeting not one but three casinos, he and his crew must ensure everything goes right or risk losing it all.

3. Rock N Rolla

Moving along, we’ve included the Guy Ritchie movie – Rock N Rolla. Another on our list that didn’t smash box office records, but it definitely has a lot to it. If you enjoyed Logan Lucky then we’re pretty confident you’ll like this. Oozing comedy and with plenty of action, Idris Elba and Gerard Butler put in some great performances.

Rock N Rolla Movie Description

After deciding to invest their money into legitimate business dealings, two small time criminals suddenly find they have been swindled. Now owing vast amounts of money to a local gangster, they must steal whatever and from whoever they can, to repay their debt.

4. Burn After Reading

Next up we’ve got Burn After Reading. Who would have thought that Brad Pitt does comedy so well? From start to finish this rollercoaster ride will have you in fits of laughter. If you’ve never seen it before then we highly recommend you give it a chance. Take a peak at the trailer, or read the description, it should be more than enough to get you interested.

Burn After Reading Movie Description

When a disc containing sensitive information from the U.S Government finds its way to two ordinary people, they decide to use it as leverage in exchange for vast sums of money. Unaware of the dangerous consequences from holding the disc, they bumble their way from encounter to encounter somehow managing to stay just out of the line of fire.

5. The Nice Guys

Even as a standalone movie, you pretty much can’t go wrong with The Nice Guys. It’s so underrated, we still can’t figure out why it doesn’t get more love. Again, it’s another action comedy rather than crime heist but it does feel quite similar to Logan Lucky. Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe make this a hilariously entertaining watch. If you don’t watch it right away, be sure to add it to your list for another time.

The Nice Guys Movie Summary

Caught up in a plot to murder a young woman named Amelia, an amateur private eye (Gosling) teams up with a rough enforcer (Crowe) to stay one step ahead of trouble. As they do their best to track down Amelia before it’s too late, they find themselves in the crosshairs too.

6. Snatch

Another entry on the list from director Guy Ritchie, we’re massive fans of Snatch. Maybe it’s a comedy masquerading as a crime heist? Who cares! This cult classic will keep you entertained from the very first scene (seriously, we’re not joking).

Snatch Movie Description

Set in London, a diamond heist gone wrong has wide consequences for everybody involved. Illegal boxing promoters, amateur robbers, unscrupulous dealers and a gypsy boxer must all tread carefully while the diamond passes from hand to hand.

7. The Rundown

And rounding off our list, we’ve got The Rundown. Featuring The Rock before his Fast and Furious days, this remains one of his most overlooked movies. Is it Oscar award-winning material? No, is it close to two hours of epic adventure and comedy? Yes. If you haven’t seen it before then give it a go, there’s more than enough to like about the Rundown.

The Rundown Movie Description

A bounty hunter named Beck (Johnson) must travel to Brazil and traverse the depths of the Amazon jungle to complete one last job for his employer. Caught in the midst of a bloody, local conflict, his job becomes more difficult as he becomes sidetracked in an effort to find a legendary treasure.

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