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Outer Banks: The 25 Best OBX Quotes

If you’re anything like us and straight binge-watched through Outer Banks – the good news is that Netflix has already confirmed the show for Season 2. The bad news is that we might have to wait a while for it. The Royal Merchant. Long lost Gold. The OBX. While this summers hit was billed as somewhat of a drama/mystery, at times it had the feel-good vibe of a comedy.

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While we sit tight and wait for the next season to come out, for now – here’s a look back at our 25 favorite OBX quotes.

  1. John B: Look, love just walked in, okay.
  2. JJ: Kooks versus Pogues. They always, always win.
  3. Pope: We’re in the middle of ‘Kooklandia’. This is the last place I want to be.
  4. Sarah Cameron: Your secret’s safe with me, John B.
  5. Kiara: No Pogue on Pogue macking.
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  1. JJ: I can’t let you take the blame for something I did, you’ve got too much to lose.
  2. John B: I can’t give up on the hunt, man.
  3. Sarah Cameron: It’s a good thing we’re on a secret mission. In fact, we probably shouldn’t even be using our real names. 
  4. Kiara: You guys, not everything is a king pin movie.
  5. Pope: “And to quote The Hobbit, “Down, down, to Goblin Town. Down, down, you go, my lad.”
  1. JJ: This is war, Pope. They hit us, we hit them. 
  2. Sarah Cameron: Can we drop the whole Pogues versus Kooks thing?
  3. John B: Pogues. Pogies. The throwaway fish. Lowest member of the food chain. 
  4. Pope: Yeah, you have a death compass.
  5. JJ: This is your captain speaking, HMS Pogue coming in for landing. 
  1. John B: All right. This is figure eight. The rich side of the island. Home of the Kooks. So, guess where we don’t live. 
  2. JJ: Okay. Not all of us can afford unlimited data plans, Kiara.
  3. John B: I just had the best day of my life.
    Sarah: John B, you’re gonna blow our cover.
  4. Kiara: We only have one Earth, Pope. We should be giving it 100 percent, bare minimum.
  5. John B: You know, wars have been started for less, Sarah Cameron.
  1. Sarah Cameron: What are you, like a fugitive, John B?
    John B: I don’t know. More like a refugee or something. 
  2. JJ: Dude, i wasn’t taking mental polaroids the entire time. I was under duress, okay. 
  3. Sarah Cameron: One last mission and then I’m out of this, dirty, dirty game. 
  4. John B: I looked liked I got kicked out of the barbershop quartet. 
  5. JJ: I’m telling the truth. For once in my goddamn life, I’m gonna tell the truth. 
  1. JJ: Look, all I care about is her cut comes out of your share.
  2. John B: Wow pope, that’s a rare outburst of emotion. 
  3. Sarah Cameron: When people get close to me, I feel trapped. And I bail and I blame them for it.
  4. John B: Our mission this summer is to have a good time, all the time.
  5. John B: That’s JJ, my best friend since the third grade. He’s about as local as they come. Latest in a long line of fishing, drinking, smuggling, vendetta-holding salt-lifers who made their living off the water. 

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