Quiz: What Is Your Dominant Archetype?

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    If you’re playing a game do you care more about –

    • Winning
    • Taking part and having fun
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    Once you make an important decision do you –

    • Continue to second guess yourself
    • Clear your mind and move forward
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    If you disagree with something someone says do you –

    • Bite your tongue and let it go
    • Tell them what’s on your mind
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    If you’re deciding between two choices do you –

    • Ultimately go with your gut feeling
    • Look at the facts and decide based on logic
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    Do you prefer to –

    • Meet new people and grow your social circle
    • Stick with your close group of friends
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    If you’re meeting up with people do you prefer to –

    • Make plans in advance and stick to them
    • Go with the flow and see where the night takes you
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    If you had to choose your best quality it would be your –

    • Patience
    • Humor
    • Determination
    • Bravery
    • Leadership skills
    • Wisdom
    • Imagination
    • Passion
    • Optimism
    • Curiosity
    • Commitment
    • Intuition
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    Do you prefer to –

    • Be in control of a task
    • Let someone else take the lead and only do what you need to
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    Would you rather –

    • Tell a funny joke
    • Hear a funny joke
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    Do you believe rules are –

    • Meant to be broken
    • Meant to be followed
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    If you have to solve a hard problem do you –

    • Come up with a new, creative solution which takes longer
    • Spend as little time as possible to solve the task
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    Do you prefer thinking about –

    • The bigger picture
    • The here and now
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    Would you rather go –

    • Hiking
    • Yoga
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    Do you think of –

    • Others first
    • Yourself first
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    What is most important to you –

    • Being in control
    • Living in the moment
    • Helping others
    • Learn something new each and every day
    • Traveling and exploring new places

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