Can You Pass This Hardest Harry Potter Spells Quiz? (N.E.W.T Difficulty)

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Every Wizard Knows It’s Levi-O-Sa not Levio-SA!

With over 100+ spells in the Harry Potter Universe, do you know your Rictusempra from Sectumsempra?

Nastily Exhausting, are you good enough to get an Exceeds Expectation or Outstanding on this extremely hard spells quiz?

Quiz Grade: Challenging

Good Luck!

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    Let’s warm up first, what are the 3 Unforgiveable Curses?

    • Crucio, Imperio, Avada Kedavra
    • Crucio, Accio, Colloportus
    • Avada Kedavra, Evanesco, Colloportus
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    What spell extinguishes a wands light?

    • Nox
    • Rennervate
    • Sonorus
    • Portus
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    Apparently created by the Half Blood Prince, this spell lifts people upside down by their ankle

    • Levicortal
    • Levicorpus
    • Levisende
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    What is the counterspell to Question 3?

    • Hominem Revelio
    • Liberacorpus
    • Locomotor
    • Diffindo
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    Complete this spell to summon the Dark Mark: Morsm-

    • order
    • uculus
    • ordre
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    What spell can be used to remove specific memories from a persons mind?

    • Oblivendium
    • Obliviate
    • Obiverte
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    What is the name of the Shield Charm Harry taught to members of the D.A.?

    • Tergeo
    • Blockempra
    • Defensorus
    • Protego
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    Another of the Prince’s creation, Harry found great delight in using this against Peeves

    • Langlock
    • Gemino
    • Replicato
    • Alohomora
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    Complete this spell to conjure a serpent from the wand: Serpe-

    • ntego
    • nsortia
    • ntegeo
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    Complete the spell used to detect the presence of another person: Hominem –

    • Revelio
    • Revelitio
    • Revelius
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    What spell causes an object to attack a target? As used by Hermione on Ron

    • Expelliarmus
    • Impedimenta
    • Orbis
    • Oppugno
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    Complete this spell to conjure water from the wand: Agua-

    • vertus
    • menti
    • perture
    • terio
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    What is the spell used to reveal secret messages or markings?

    • Illegibus
    • Immobulus
    • Revelio
    • Aparecium
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    What is the spell used to create a Horcrux?

    • It is not known
    • Mordre Sempra
    • Avada Tergo
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    What is name of the tongue tying spell?

    • Preventio
    • Silencio
    • Mimblewimble
    • Petrificus Totalus

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