How I Met Your Mother: Can You Pass This Season 1 Quiz?

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    Who told Ted that nothing good happens after 2am?

    • His Mom
    • Marshall
    • His Grandma
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    What is the name of Barney’s ex college girlfriend?

    • Emily
    • Shannon
    • Rachel
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    On New Years, after what party does Fake Moby join the limo?

    • Party number 1
    • Party number 3
    • Party number 2
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    In “Come On”, Lily leaves Marshall to do an Art Fellowship in _______?

    • San Diego
    • Italy
    • San Francisco
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    How many dogs does Robin have?

    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
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    In “Okay Awesome” Barney finds out that he’s been dancing with ______?

    • His cousin Leslie
    • His Ex-girlfriend
    • Ted’s mom
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    In “Return of the Shirt” Natalie beats Ted up with her new _______ skills

    • Karate
    • Krav Maga
    • Brazillian Jiu-jitsu
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    In the “Pineapple Incident” Ted says his streak of being “vomet free since ____” is over

    • ’03
    • ’93
    • ’83
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    In “Belly Full of Turkey” Robin, and Ted find out that Barney is doing community service for:

    • Impersonating an officer
    • Financial fraud
    • Peeing outside on a church
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    On Thanksgiving, Lily learns the Eriksen secret salad recipe. How many layers does it have?

    • 5
    • 7
    • 9
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    Who’s wedding does Ted almost ruin? Stuart and _______?

    • Angelica
    • Britney
    • Claudia
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    What was Barney’s first backup costume in the “Slutty Pumpkin”

    • Devil costume
    • Air force costume
    • Doctor costume
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    In “The Duel”, what is the name of Ted’s coffee maker that gets thrown out?

    • Shocky
    • Ol’ Joe
    • Sparky
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    After throwing 3 parties for Robin, what grade did Marshall get after saying this? “Dude, you’re talking to The Kid. I’m gonna knock back this beer. I’m gonna knock back one more beer. I’m gonna go home. I’m gonna write a 25-page paper. I’m gonna hand it in and I’m gonna get an A. My name is Rufus and that’s the Trufus”

    • A-
    • B-
    • C-
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    In “Nothing Good Happens After 2am”, what does Robin invite Ted over to make?

    • Juice
    • Margarita’s
    • Coffee
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    In “Milk” Barney enlists Marshall’s help in pranking his nemesis Clark Butterfield. Complete the sentence – “________ Marshall Eriksen, reporting for duty”

    • Executive Mischief Consultant
    • Chief Prank Specialist

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