Quiz: What NBA Player Am I?

Step Back 3 or Poster Dunk? 

Or do you go to your fadeaway J? Everyone has their own style of playing!

Whether it’s your speed, skill or basketball IQ, we all have a player that we resemble the most. Take this quiz below to find out which NBA player you’re most like.

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    How are you getting the majority of your points?

    • Driving to the rim with a steady diet of dunks and alley oops
    • Raining 3’s and getting layups
    • I’ll take whatever the defense gives me
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    Pick a teammate to play with:

    • Russell Westbrook
    • Anthony Davis
    • Steph Curry
    • Kevin Durant
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    When you’re playing defense, which of these describes you?

    • Rim protector and shot blocker
    • Fit into a system defense and do my job!
    • Lockdown defender, you take it personally
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    What’s your signature move?

    • Step back 3
    • Euro step to the basket
    • Chase down block
    • Poster dunk
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    It’s Game 7 in the playoffs. The ball is in your hands with 6 seconds to go:

    • There’s no discussion, I’m taking the final shot
    • I’ll make the right basketball play, even if it means kicking it out to an open teammate
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    Which of these is your least favorite team?

    • Boston Celtics
    • Golden State Warriors
    • New York Knicks
    • Chicago Bulls
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    Pick a stat line:

    • 27 Points | 7 Rebounds | 7 Assists
    • 35 Points | 3 Rebounds | 5 Assists
    • 30 Points | 13 Rebounds | 3 Assists
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    Pick your jersey number:

    • 23
    • 34
    • 13
    • 30
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    It’s the off-season, what part of your game are you working on?

    • Mid-range and free throws
    • Working on my perimeter shooting
    • Playmaking abilities
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    What sneakers do you play in?

    • Nike
    • Adidas
    • Under Armour

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