The Best Step Brothers Interview Quotes

Step Brothers will no doubt go down as one of Will Ferrell’s best efforts. Even though it’s already over 10 years old, it still hasn’t lost any of its magic. Check out our favorite quotes from the hilarious interview scene, below.

Pam: Well Brennan, you’ve certainly had a number of jobs.
Brennan: I’m a bit of a spark plug, and human resources lady –
Pam: Oh no, actually it’s Pam.
Brennan: I’m sorry. Well, Pan…
Pam: No, my name is Pam.

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Pam: I’m saying Pam. I’m sorry, who is this gentleman sitting behind you?
Dale: Hello, Miss Lady. I’m Dale. I’m Brennan’s stepbrother, and I think I might be able to help with the Pan, Pam dilemma.
Brennan: Yeah, that’d be great.
Pam: Pam. Pam, with an M.
Brennan: Pand. There’s a D on the end?
Pam: There’s no D. It’s Pam

Brennan and Dale Interview - Step Brothers Cover Image

Dale: What do you say we interview you?
Interviewer: All right, yes that’s sometimes a useful exercise. Please put your hand down. Go ahead.
Brennan: How much money do you make a year before taxes?
Interviewer: Okay. Actually, I’m not comfortable answering that.

step brothers job interview quotes

Interviewer: Was that a fart?
Dale: I don’t know.
Interviewer: I can taste it on my tongue.
Dale: Okay, I’ll be honest with you, I did fart.
Interviewer: Is that onion? Onion and ketchup. It stinks.

Which Step Brothers Quote Is Your Favorite?

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